Number 3

Marcus Boone, aka Three, is sinful, cocky, and displays a strong insight of self-preservation. Marcus is experienced with a broad range of firearms. In Season 1 of Dark Matter, Marcus awakens on board the Raza with no recollection of who he is or how? He is on a ship. He discovers that he is amongst five other crew members accompanied by one android.

Before being on the Raza, Marcus was a gun for hire. He remained with his girlfriend Sarah on her farm until she became unwell with Tataryn’s disease.

Episode One explained that Marcus is on the Galactic Authority’s Most Wanted List for homicide, assault, abduction and piracy.

Episode Seven unveiled Marcus used to be a mercenary for hire. He took a job from one of Ferrous Corps competitor to steal a shipment of Cyrillium from one of their planetoids. The job didn’t go well, and a few of his crew perished. He was seriously injured, and when he didn’t make it to the meetup point, he was assumed dead. A farmer called Sarah found him and nursed him back to good health. The two fell in love, and Marcus chose to stay with her. When her Tataryn’s condition grew worse, Marcus put her in a stasis pod telling her everything will be okay. He had set her in the Raza, in the secured room.

Later, when they discovered Sarah and defrosted her, she told Marcus about the two of them. Soon her illness progressed, and Marcus set her back into her pod vowing he’d find a way to cure her. Unfortunately, a power malfunction made her pod to shut down, and without it operating the disease was left to continue it’s course, killing her.  The need for a samsung cell phone repair type of service out in space, is made apparent by how many times communicators are damage or faulty. Continue reading

Dark Matter Part 2

When starting the EVA, The Android tells the crew of an FTL override accessible from the bridge. As she departs from the ship, the crew sees electrostatic discharges on the ship’s hull created by the radiation bombardment. She enters the trench where this relay system is housed and begins to replace the faulty electrical part. The relay coupling re-engages, but before she is able to return, an electrostatic discharge hits the trench and causes her to deactivate. Three argues on wither the others should rescue The Android, but Six still volunteers to do so. Three convinces Four to guard the bridge and use the FTL override in case of any weird actions are taken.

While suiting up, they detect the FTL drive powering up and advance to the bridge. The jump preparations are taking time due to the override. Five is prepared to open the door to the bridge, and a stand-off occurs. Five tells One, Two and Six to ignore Three and aim at Four, revealing that Three’s guns are empty. She had crept into his room and lifted his bullets earlier as she was worried about the way he had been staring at her since discovering she has their own memories. When he tries to calls her bluff, she pulls his bullets out of her pocket. Four surrenders and the override is canceled. Two guards Three and Four, during this time One and Six retrieves The Android. Six gets a shock to his arm from an electro-static discharge, causing his heart stops. Continue reading

Dark Matter Episode Part 3

Five is with TJ’s body. She talks about his death with Six. She states she stopped at the room because it was like Deja Vu, there was something too familiar about it. She considers that she may have known him. Six thinks they are better off not learning anything and they have a fresh start. Five reveals that not all memories are withdrawn.

Six guides her to the bridge where Two and The Android are and states that Five still has her memories in her head and that Two knew about it. The entire crew gathers in the mess hall where Two informs them that Five has been begetting dreams that may be their memories, and thinks that everyone’s memories might have been conveyed into Five’s subconscious without her knowing. Two also informs them that one of Five’s dreams involved subverting the stasis pods. The Android confirms this by explaining evidence she found of a self-deleting subroutine that seems to have targeted their memories. The ship later drops out of FTL. The lack cheap towing service in this futuristic place hilarious though, because its seems like a lot of ships would need to be saved. Continue reading

Dark Matter Episode 3 Part 1

The Android provides a report from the bridge and informs the crew that they will soon arrive at the space station in the next 26 hours and 7 seconds. Three desires to sell the ship and divide the earnings, but the others seem to want the opposite. Two says they order a refueling, resupply for essentials, repairs, and if anyone fancies to leave they will be provided their share of what remains, but the ship isn’t not going to be sold. The crew leaves their trays with Three to clean since he annoyed them, so they leave the mess hall smiling.

Five approaches Six seeing if he wants to play a game but he declines. One also declines. Four slams his door on her without a peep. She explores a vent anew and finds a storeroom, and inside it, the lifeless body of an as yet unnamed boy (TJ) around her own age is hidden. Continue reading